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How much does it cost to book The Drat Pack?

What happens when the band aren't playing - do I need to book a DJ as well?

Where are the band based, and how far will you travel to perform?

How long do the band need to set-up?

Can we come and see the band perform before we decide whether to go ahead with our booking?

What do we need to provide for the band on the day?

Can we choose all of the songs the band performs for our event?

Can we request songs that aren't on the band's playlist?

How much space/how much power do the band need?

Can the band set up before we sit down to our meal/earlier in the day before our guests arrive?

With over 10 years experience in providing you with exactly what you're looking for to make your event a very special event, The Drat Pack often get asked many of the same questions when expertly dealing with your enquiries. Below are just a handful of the most common queries the band regularly receives...

If you have any further questions that aren't covered on the list above, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to answer your queries!

Our fees depend on quite a few different things - date, location and the times the band will be required as well as venue size - larger venues may require us to hire in extra equipment (bigger PA system, more lighting etc.), although for the majority of venues the band are fully inclusive, supplying our own sound and lighting systems. Please provide us with as much information as possible when making initial contact so that we can

provide you with an accurate quote.

Generally the choice is yours - we're are more than happy for you to connect your iPod/iPhone (or similar) into our PA system to play music in our breaks, as well as for up to 20 minutes after our final set. If longer is required to keep the party going, we can also provide this for a modest fee!

We're are based in South Devon and regularly perform all over the Westcountry (Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset etc.), however, we will happily travel further afield, frequently visiting London and other major towns and cities throughout the UK as well as taking overseas bookings.

Ideally 90 minutes to set up and thoroughly soundcheck to ensure the best possible performance. We understand that timings can run tight on the day, so if needed we can minimize set up time to an hour if all runs smoothly. Our advice is to please ensure you factor this in when planning your special event so that the logistical side of things needn't worry you (or us) when it comes to your big day.

The ideal space for us would be 6m (w) x 3m (d). If you can give us more than that, great! If not, don't worry: we can usually squeeze ourselves into the space you have (within reason - there are a minimum of 5 of us with drum kit, keyboards, PA system etc.). If you have any worries, please contact us to discuss further - we've played a large number of venues throughout the UK, particularly in the Westcountry, so chances are we might already be familiar with your chosen venue. Power-wise, we need a minimum of 2 x 13amp sockets, preferably on a different circuit to the bar/catering/lighting etc.

Although many of the gigs we perform are private events (weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions etc.), we do try to play as often as we can at public events where we can perform for our ever-growing fanbase as well as showcasing our high-energy approach for prospective clients.

To find out where and when The Drat Pack are next publically performing, click HERE to visit our Facebook page

We get asked this question a lot, and by all means give us your preferences and favourite songs from our current playlist, but we strongly advise against arranging entire setlists due to the quite specific way in which we put together our performances. Over the years we have discovered that it is very important for us to put certain types of song in certain places in the set, which is something that has been honed after years of 'trail and error'. With all of this in mind we have taken the songs that we've found to really fill the dance floor and placed them together, often in medleys, to keep the dancefloor constantly moving. What we do ask instead is to let us know of any particular songs from our playlist that you like, and just as importantly don't like, and we'll build our sets from there.

In some instances this may be possible: if it's a song we've played before (we've performed so many we couldn't possibly find room to fit them all onto our current playlist), or if it's a well-known song that all of the band are familiar, with it should be possible. With regards first dances for weddings, we will try to learn any requests, but unfortunately can't guarantee to accomodate your requests (we'd hate to make any mistakes and ruin your big moment). However, if we're unable to perform it live for you, we're more than happy to play it from iPod/iPhone/CD etc. through our PA system

(often before launching straight into our first set).

Generally we would request some food/drink while we're at your event: we're not expecting a three course meal and none of us drink excessively (many of us will be driving), but refreshments will always be gratefully received! None of us are divas, and we won't provide you with a rider (although there are a couple of vegetarians in the band), but the truth is a happy and well looked after band will always result in the best performances! The only other thing we request (where possible) is that there are a couple of reserved parking spaces as close to the performance area as possible...if this isn't possible, then just a clear area for us to load/unload our vehicles before moving to the car park would be great!

This may be possible depending on the commitments of the musicians on the day of your event, however, we do charge an additional (reasonable) hourly rate to cover time spent waiting anything over 90 minutes from arriving to performing. Alternatively, why not consider utilising the musicians skills by hiring Lush Life (details of which can be found at to perform a selection of background jazz or even some light classical music through your meal or as your guests arrive?